To the team who look after my farther, John Davis ( Jo, Julie, Nicki, Tracey and Rosie ( I hope I haven't left anyone out) Tank you for looking after my father John Davis, Hawkhurst, so well in his last few weeks. He enjoyed your chats and laughter. I used to hear him talking away with various people, while he was being straightened and freshened up. He used to make my mother and I smile by asking us to move him about on his 'skate sheets'. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in such a cheery manor. Joanna 

John Davis

 To all the staff at Jasmine Care Just a note to say thank you for the last few months, for my husband Greg Buchan and support for me and my family. Thank you again, Lorraine, Shannon John Buchan 

Greg Buchen

 Thank you all so much for all the help, you all 

Molly Smith